Oliver Martini


As the son of a drummer gave him at the age of 5 years, the plate " Dance With The Devil" by Cozy Powell kick towards beat -oriented music. At school, he took the first steps to produce your own tracks on DOS trackers.

Olli is considered as a versatile producer who keeps reinventing himself and his style and defined. Its characteristic productions have a high recognition value and work at home as well as on the dance floor .

Under the artist name O: M , he worked mostly for the label Subindustries Soundworx , which he founded with his friends and Steffen Tosek 2007. But his productions on other labels such as point before stroke , Florin Records , Rumpfunk , Tooltech Records , Labor51 and DeepX Records were published.

After the abandonment of Subindustries Soundworx he founded together with Steffen early 2009 the successful Netlabel Indigo Silver Club .

His longtime friends and companions Steffen, Tosek , Rolf and Kathrin form with him as labelhead currently the Indigo Silver Club team.