Juan Baeza

Born in Chile, it was in Switzerland that Juan Baeza discovered and fell for electronic music. From as early as 1991 he was playing at various events. He has performed in many venues in the French speaking part of Switzerland such as MAD, D! Club, La Ruche, Base Bar and La Mine in Lausanne, The Legend in Bienne as well as Le Sphinx and Le Dome in Martigny. In 1998, He became resident at the Veaudoux Club and in 2005, at the mythic underground Thursday night party called “La CauseTek” in Lausanne. 

He did not wait for the “minimal fashion” to explode before playing for an avid public and in 2006-07, he returned to his native South American continent where he played at some of the most famous clubs and venues in Chile such as la Feria, Le Journal, Piso 33 & After Domenica. He became resident at After La Cabana where his nickname “Minimal Juan” was given to him by his adoring fans.

His recent influences were of a more abstract electro. The astounding precision of his intuitive mixing and the profound research for evermore subtle finesse won the hearts of many of the underground scene.

Juan Baeza started composing back in 2004. Minimal psychedelic sounds with a dark bass line and experimental rhythms were his first tentatives which slowly matured into what is today known as “Juan’s music”. A precise kick, simple rhythms, efficient melodious micro sounds, fragments of voices with an avid abuse of effects single out his sound, making it particular to Juan Baeza.