Maxime Tanguay aka Bleupulp


A music creator and DJ with a vast repertoire of electronic music going back to 2000,

Maxime Tanguay, aka Bleupulp, is originally from Quebec City. 
Bleupulp flirts with ambient and minimal dub, 
experimenting with techno & house beats accompanied by deep ambiences. 
He self-describes his music as experimental, 
with an obscure, profound structure and colourful sounds.
Enthused by the emergence of net labels, 
in 2005 Tanguay founded his own,, 
and since then the label remained active up to this day, 
releasing various kind of electronic music on a regular basis.
Maxime released music on various labels such as


Bleepsequence, CCCLTD, Miniatura, to name a few.